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Grow your business in Croatia

Local consultants

Businesses need your know-how

We believe that businesses need professional know-how to grow and stay competitive. We also know that while successful consultancy projects can transform businesses, many of the companies we work with have never sought outside help before and find it difficult to know where to place their trust.

That’s where we come in. We connect businesses with local consultants for dynamic projects in a range of areas of expertise, explaining the process and sharing the project cost with the client.

Working with us

Whether you are a specialised consulting company or provide a broad range of services, we are looking for experts who can help our clients achieve their goals.

Our clients demand high-quality services. In return, we make sure working with us is as simple as possible. We support you through the project process, from the diagnostic phase through to completion, helping you establish a working relationship with the client and ensuring that each project has a clearly-defined scope. Our results speak for themselves. About 82 per cent of our clients have never worked with a consultant before starting their project. By the time we carry out our project evaluation one year after the project is completed, almost 95 per cent say they would hire a consultant again – and almost half have already done so.

Working with us also means you join a growing global network of over 8,500 professionals. This gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas, and share best practices for your field. Together, we have already helped more than 30,000 companies in different countries fulfil their growth potential. 

Professional development

We know how important it is to keep broadening your expertise. We have a series of courses that shares essential skills, resources and techniques for effective and impactful consulting as well as for running a successful consulting business. The courses deliver the know-how necessary to go from embarking on a consulting career to running a profitable business and will help you deliver high quality advice that small and medium-sized businesses are ready to pay for.

Whatever your level of experience, our training courses provide best in class consulting tool kits and frameworks to help you take your ambitions forward and build a durable consulting business. So, whether you’re an expert looking to use that knowledge as a professional consultant, a young consultant seeking to build up your consulting skills, a senior member of a consulting firm eager to learn about new specialisations or the owner of a consulting business seeking to enhance your business model, get the training you need to step up your game.

There are seven courses. You can take one course, or four, or all seven, it’s up to you and what you need. Thanks to generous support of our donors, we charge a reduced participation cost for each course. Click here to find out more, or contact our local office.

  • Starting a consulting business
  • Management consulting essentials
  • Managing a consulting business
  • Marketing and selling management consulting services
  • Business diagnostics for consulting
  • Project management for consulting
  • Change management


Tvrtkama treba Vaš know-how

Smatramo da je stručno znanje - know-how - preduvjet za rast i konkurentnost tvrtki. Također, znamo da iako uspješni konzultantski projekti mogu transformirati poslovanje, mnoge tvrtke s kojima surađujemo nikada prije nisu tražile pomoć izvana i ne znaju u koga se pouzdati.

Tu nastupamo mi. Tvrtke povezujemo s lokalnim konzultantima u dinamičnim projektima iz različitih područja, objašnjavamo proces i dijelimo troškove projekta s klijentom.


Bilo da ste specijalizirana konzultantska tvrtka ili pružate širi spektar usluga, tražimo stručnjake koji će našim klijentima pomoći u ostvarivanju ciljeva.

Naši klijenti zahtijevaju visoku kvalitetu usluge. Zauzvrat vodimo računa o tome da naša suradnja bude što jednostavnija. Pružamo Vam podršku tijekom cijelog projektnog procesa, od dijagnostike poslovanja do dovršetka projekta, pomažući Vam da uspostavite uspješan radni odnos s klijentom i osiguravajući da svaki projekt ima jasno definiran opseg. Naši rezultati govore za sebe. Čak 82 % naših klijenata prije pokretanja projekta nikada prije nije surađivalo s konzultantom. Kod evaluacije projekta koja se provodi godinu dana nakon njegova završetka, gotovo 95 % klijenata kaže da bi ponovno angažirali konzultanta, a gotovo polovica je to već i učinila.

Surađujući s nama pridružujete se sve većoj mreži s više od 6000 stručnjaka i imate priliku razmjenjivati ideje i najbolje prakse na svom području. Zajedno smo već pomogli da više 18 000 tvrtki ostvari svoj potencijal rasta.

Funding and results

Our work in Croatia is currently funded by the European Union, the European Investment Bank Advisory Hub, the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund and TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Cooperation Fund. Since starting work in Croatia in 1999, we’ve helped almost 795 enterprises access advice, thanks to funding from the Taiwan-EBRD Cooperation Fund, Austria, Luxembourg, the European Union and other bilateral donors.