Western Balkans Private Sector Support Facility (PSSF)



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Financial institutions

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06 May 2010



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30 Mar 2010

Sub-projects signed under this framework

Project Description

The EBRD is considering a framework operation of EUR 110 million under which credit lines will be provided by EBRD to commercial banks in the Western Balkan region for on-lending to

(i) private sector borrowers for energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy investments and

(ii) SMEs to improve competitiveness in preparation for EU accession.

Transition Impact

The Project will

  • generate transition impact by supporting sustainable development of Western Balkan SMEs within the EU single market by facilitating enterprise upgrading targeted to support SMEs to better comply with EU Directives in the areas of environmental protection, health and safety and product quality and safety, as have been or will be transposed into local laws as part of the EU accession process;
  • encourage behavioural change of enterprises with respect to the objectives promoted by EU regulations, which is consistent with the business conduct and standards desirable in a fully functioning market economy while maintaining efficient use of resources.
  • provide demonstration effects of sustainable energy investments among sub-borrowers and skills transfer arising from project preparation technical assistance to the private sector borrowers and increased awareness with respect to the new competitive environment.


The Client

Clients of the facility will be commercial banks operating in the Western Balkans region. It is planned that clients will be selected from leading commercial banks with extensive outreach into the industrial and SME segment and the institutional capacity and commitment to successfully implement the Project.

EBRD Finance

EUR 110 million in senior loans.

Project Cost

EUR 110 million.

Environmental Impact

Categorised FI (2008): This project offers significant environmental opportunities as it will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the improvement of environmental and health and safety standards. All participating banks are required to comply with the requirements of EBRD’s Performance Requirement 2 (“PR”) on Labour and Working Conditions. All sub-loans under the credit lines will need to comply with the requirements of PR9. Sub-borrowers financed through the credit lines will be required to comply with national requirements for environment, health and safety and labour standards. Reporting on sub-projects and annual environmental and social reports will be provided by the participating banks. An independent consultant will be employed to review proposals and confirm compliance with national EHSL requirements.

Technical Cooperation

The Facility will be supported by a comprehensive technical assistance programme to provide implementation support to participating banks and sub-borrowers, as well as financial incentives for participating banks and sub-borrowers to overcome the barriers to implementing the desired investments. Funding for the TC and incentive programme is provided under the EC IPA 2009 funding allocation.

Company Contact

Teresa Godwin-Coombs
E-mail: godwint@ebrd.com


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