Ohridska Banka - MCFF Non recourse portion


FYR Macedonia

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Financial institutions

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16 Mar 2012

Project Description

The EBRD is considering a funded non recourse Co-financing Facility (MCFF) of €5 million for Ohridska Banka Societe Generale (‘OB’), Macedonia.

The operation will enable OB to accommodate existing and future clients’ needs for larger loans with longer maturities where single exposure lending limits restrict the OB’s ability to provide the full range of funding and services to its larger clients.

Transition Impact

The MCFF line will set standards of business conduct by requiring that the sub-loan assessment, conditions and covenants including environmental and integrity risk appraisal are in line with EBRD standard.

The Client

Ohridska Banka is the fourth largest bank in FYR Macedonia with Total Assets of €395 million as of 30 Sep 2011 and a network consisting of 28 branches.

Societe Generale is the dominant shareholder and holds 70 per cent of Ohridska’s capital.

EBRD Finance

€5 million co-financing limit for co-financing OB’s new and existing exposures.

Project Cost

€5 million.

Environmental Impact

Categorised FI. OB will be required to comply with EBRD’s Environmental Performance Requirement (“PR”) 9 when making local loans, conduct their business in accordance with PR 2, adhere to the EBRD's Environmental and Social Exclusion and Referral Lists, and submit Annual Environmental and Social Reports to the Bank. The subsidiary borrowers will be required to comply with applicable national environmental, health and safety and labour requirements.

Technical Cooperation

The TC support for the implementation of the MCFF project is funded by the Western Balkans Multi Donor Fund. TC funded consultants will assist OB’s loan officers in implementing the special EBRD requirements which are not a standard part of OB’s lending practice. They will focus on assisting the PBs in the region including OB to strengthen credit controls and improve the quality of the credit approval process through additional appropriate training.

Company Contact

Filip Kotora, Member of the Board of Directors
Tel. + 389 2 3203 729

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