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Municipal and environmental infrastructure

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03 Sep 2014



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08 May 2014

Translated version of this PSD: Croatian

Project Description

The EBRD is considering financing the modernisation of the bus fleet of Auto promet d.o.o. Sisak (AP or the company) through the purchase of up to 26 new low-floor buses, the introduction of a fleet management system and the modernisation of the maintenance depot.

Transition Impact

The transition impact of the proposed transaction will be achieved through:

  • Introduction of green bus technology based on hybrid and/or CNG units, improving the quality of public transport in the city of Sisak;
  • Development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, focused on best practice urban transport planning and greater private sector participation;
  • Introduction of a Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme;
  • Development of an adequate Public Service Contract, which will clearly define the role and obligations of the company and the city;
  • Exploring potential for increased private sector participation for the operation and maintenance of the central bus terminal.

The Client

Auto promet d.o.o. Sisak is a public transport company, 100 per cent owned by the city of Sisak, providing its services in the urban and suburban area of Sisak and neighbouring municipalities in the Sisak–Moslavina county.

The company was established in 1958 and currently employs 123 people. It operates 34 buses today covering the entire network of 6 urban, 14 suburban, 15 school and 6 inter-city results, resulting in around 2.2 million bus kilometres per year (data for 2012).

EBRD Finance

Senior loan of up to EUR 5.6 million to Auto promet d.o.o. Sisak.

Project Cost

Up to EUR 6.01 million.

Environmental Impact

The potential environmental and/or social (E&S) impacts of the project are likely to be site specific and can be readily identified and addressed through adequate mitigation measures. Therefore, the project has been categorised “B” as per the 2008 Environmental and Social Policy.

The environmental and social appraisal for the project included:

  • A review of the management systems and activities of the company;
  • An audit of the existing depot and maintenance facilities; and
  • An environmental analysis of the proposed investment programme.

Whilst preliminary results indicate there are no major E&S issues there is a need to improve the company’s E&S management systems. An ESAP will be developed to address any issues identified during the appraisal. This section will be updated upon completion of the ESDD.

Technical Cooperation

Pre Loan Signing

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Project in the amount of EUR 15,000, financed from the Bank’s own resources.
  • Technical Preparation of the Project Assessment in order to support the technical due diligence of the Project, in the amount of EUR 25,000, financed from the Bank’s own resources.

Post Loan signing

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP), including the preparation of enhanced Public Sector Participation (PSP) , and a rehabilitation and commercialisation plan for the central bus terminal. The estimated cost of the assignment is EUR 170,000, proposed to be financed by an international donor or the Shareholder Special Fund ("SSF").
  • Project Implementation Support and Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme (FOPIP) to support the Project Implementation Unit of the Company with project implementation and assisting the Company (through the FOPIP) with commercialisation, including improved cost efficiency and long-term planning. The estimated cost of the assignment is EUR 150,000, proposed to be financed by an international donor or the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund
  • Public Service Contract Preparation. This TC will assist the Company with the preparation of the Public Service Contract in accordance with EU Regulation 1370/2007. The estimated cost of this assignment is EUR 50,000, proposed to be covered under the already approved regional "Urban Transport Public Service Contracts - Framework For Preparation (TCS 39409)", financed by the SSF with the total budget of EUR 550,000.

Business opportunities

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General enquiries

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