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Municipal and environmental infrastructure

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16 Dec 2015



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31 Mar 2014

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Project Description

The EBRD is considering providing a loan of up to KZT  3 billion (€  9.7 million equivalent) to the State Communal Enterprise “TeploKommunEnergo” (the “Company”), a municipal district heating (DH) company in the City of Semey (“Semey”), to support a Priority Investment Program (PIP) with the goal to rehabilitate and upgrade the DH infrastructure in Semey.

The project will include measures for the modernisation and optimisation of the DH infrastructure through network rehabilitation, upgrade and modernisation of central heating substations (CHS) and introduction of individual heating substations (IHS) at the level of buildings equipped with heat meters ensuring automated control and regulation of heat supply. This will result in enhanced energy efficiency, reduction of hot water and heat losses in the system and improvements of environmental standards.

Transition Impact

The transition impact of the project is expected to include:

  • Tariff reform: the company will work closely with the regulatory authorities to secure tariff reforms required for the implementation of the investment programme while maintaining the level of tariffs within affordability constraints. The reforms will be covenanted in the Loan Agreement and the Project Support Agreement.
  • Demonstration of new replicable products and processes: the expansion of metering and tariff increases will help to demonstrate the potential of modern energy supply business practices in increasing the economic viability of district heating network operators.
  • CO2 reduction: the company will report its annual reduction in heat losses from which gas and CO2 savings will be calculated.
  • Behavioural change: the project will strengthen incentives for consumers to conserve energy through the on-going metering programme and the expansion of consumption-based billing.
  • Energy Efficiency: the project will bring energy efficiency improvements to the company’s operations and overall the city of Semey.

The Client

State Communal Enterprise “TeploKommunEnergo” in the city of Semey in the East-Kazakhstan Oblast, Kazakhstan.

EBRD Finance

A senior loan of up to KZT 3 billion, co-financed by the Clean Technology Fund (“CTF”) in the amount of up to US$ 6.4 million (€ 5.8 million equivalent).

Project Cost

USD 33.3 million including related technical cooperation to support the company with project preparation and implementation.
It is expected that the EBRD loan will be supplemented by (1) a USD 6.4 million Clean Technology Fund (CTF) co-financing loan from the EBRD Climate Investment Fund on concessionary terms, subject to the project approval by CTF, and (2) KZT 1.9 billion capital grant co-financing from the city of Semey.

Environmental Impact

The Project has been categorised B in accordance with EBRD's 2008 Environmental and Social Policy (“ESP”). The Project is expected to bring environmental and social benefits associated with the overall improvement in the quality and reliability of heating and hot water services in the city, improved energy efficiency and reduction of coal use in DH services with associated CO2 emission reductions, and reduced heat and water losses.

The Loan will be used to finance priority capital investments, including complex modernisation and optimisation of the DH infrastructure throughout the network rehabilitation, upgrade and modernisation of central heating substations (“CHS”) and introduction of individual heating substations (“IHS”) at the individual buildings level. The IHSs will be equipped with heat meters and will enable modern control and regulation of heat supply and heat distribution. This will result in enhanced energy efficiency, reduced consumption of hot water and heat losses in the system, and improved environmental standards.

Independent due diligence (“ESDD”) has been undertaken by an international consultancy as part of the technical feasibility study. ESDD included a review of the Company’s corporate environmental and social management capabilities and procedures in relation to its own workforce and construction contractors, and an analysis of the environmental and social impacts and benefits of the proposed investment programme to assess the Project against the EBRD's Performance Requirements (“PRs”).

ESDD established compliance of the proposed investment project with EBRD PRs, including relevant applicable national environmental and OHS legislation. ESDD confirmed the Project will improve quality and reliability of heat supply in the City, improve the living conditions in the houses because of the IHS installation, additional amount of generated energy.

An Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) and Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) were prepared based on mitigation measures and corrective actions identified during due diligence to cover construction and operation stages and have been agreed with the Client. The ESAP includes development of an environmental policy and procedures for the Company and further enhancing their monitoring programme.  The ESAP includes the requirement for environmental, health and safety and social requirements into contractor agreements and develop monitoring programme of contractor compliance; implementation of Stakeholder Engagement Plan, including media announcements prior to works commencement

Technical Cooperation


  • Preparation of a feasibility study with detailed PIP. EUR 295,000 financed by the Clean Technology Fund.


  • Project Implementation Support to assist the company with project management, design, procurement, engineering and supervision of works. € 650,000 to be financed by Finnish Ministry of Employment & Economy Technical Co-Operation Fund.
  • Corporate Development Support to assist with the introduction of a Public Service Contract, institutional capacity building, and implementation of Stakeholders Participation Programme. € 400,000 to be financed by Clean Technology Fund.

Business opportunities

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