How the EBRD invests in sustainability

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The EBRD is committed to promoting environmentally sound and sustainable development in all of its activities. Technical Cooperation (TC) is a key tool in implementing this commitment, working in conjunction with the Bank’s investment capital, due diligence procedures and policy influence to bring about environmental and social benefits.

Our Environment and Sustainability Department has now published a profile booklet highlighting how specific TC projects have delivered environmental and social benefits in the Bank’s countries of operations.

The booklet, ‘Promoting Sustainability through Environmental and Social Technical Cooperation’ (950KB - PDF), explains the Bank’s work in three strategic areas: Capacity Building, Project Preparation and Health and Safety.

‘The aim of the report is to give a snapshot of just some of the things our Environment and Sustainability Department has done with donor support over the last few years,’ said Martin McKee, Principal Environmental Advisor for the EBRD.

‘It shows that we have a track record of developing and delivering successful environmental and social TCs, and we hope that will strengthen our case when we are asking for donors for help in the future.’

In general, through its Environment and Sustainability Department, the EBRD delivers a wide range of TC projects to address environmental and social issues, and the broad goals of assurance, impact and engagement that define the Bank’s approach to sustainable development.

In addition to the direct benefits that such TC operations bring to Bank-financed projects, this important strategic capability helps the Bank to:

  • address systemic barriers to successful investment in the sustainable development of market economies
  • respond to changing environmental and social priorities and opportunities in the Bank’s countries of operations
  • act as a well-informed and effective partner in international cooperation and policy dialogue initiatives.

Over the last 10 years, the EBRD has delivered more than 150 TC projects and framework programmes through its Environment and Sustainability Department, with total funding of approximately €20 million from donors and the Shareholder Special Fund.

TC operations to achieve environmental and social benefits include both transactional TCs in direct support of specific Bank operations and non-transactional (or stand-alone) TCs that support Bank operations and strategy at the broader level.

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