Sustainability Report 2013

Sustainability underlies all of the EBRD’s activities. We promote environmental and social sustainability through investments in projects, financial intermediaries, and technical cooperation programmes.

The Sustainability Report 2013 focuses on three key aspects of our sustainability: Impact, Assurance and Engagement.

Read about how we make an impact across sectors and time zones from modernising public transport, to improving water services, promoting energy efficiency and ensuring nuclear safety. Learn how we deliver a high standard of assurance through robust due diligence and monitoring of projects. And discover how we engage in open dialogue with civil society, local communities and other key stakeholders.

The Sustainability Report is available primarily as a dedicated microsite (external site - opens in new window). A summary version exists in PDF form.

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  • Date: 14 May 2014
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Sustainability Report microsite

PDF: Sustainability Report 2013 English