EBRD and Kyrgyz Republic

By Anthony Williams

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EBRD President Thomas Mirow has called for the international community to join forces in coordinating its efforts in the Kyrgyz Republic in the wake of recent violence. The first task would be to assess the country's immediate needs together with the longer-term development challenges facing the Central Asian nation.

The proposal was contained in a letter to the heads of the Asian Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Islamic Development Bank, the United Nation Development Programme and the World Bank.

The new provisional government had made promising statements about its commitment to democracy and constitutional reform and President Mirow said the international community was now in a position to support the authorities as they prepared for the country’s future.

The President proposed a coordinated approach among the international organisations that would leverage respective strengths and increase the effectiveness of the response. Such cooperation had borne fruit in respect of Georgia in 2008 and in the overall context of the global economic crisis.

A taskforce should be established that could begin preparatory work at upcoming meetings of the IMF and World Bank this month and at the Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank in Tashkent in May. He proposed that the task force liaise closely with other possible sources of assistance, including the relevant authorities in the EU, Russia and the United States

“It goes without saying that time is of the essence and we should move quickly,” President Mirow wrote, “A unified message of support and concrete action by our institutions would enable the new authorities to take steps towards building longer term stability and prosperity,” he added.

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