tve Biomovies video competition announces finalists

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The finalist films for tve biomovies 2013 are now live on YouTube. The films in each of the seven categories with the most views after 19 December 2013 will win a US$1500 prize.

This year we’re sponsoring the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Sustainable Resource Initiative Prize. Reducing waste and using resources efficiently is at the heart of what the EBRD does. The Sustainable Resource Initiative focuses on using energy sustainably, water efficiently and cutting waste. It's an issue that affects us all, and resource efficiency is rising as a global priority.

Films in this category were asked to address either or both of these questions:
• What can we all do to cut waste?
• How can we reuse what is now wasted?

The shortlisted films for the EBRD Sustainable Resource Initiative Prize are:

“Supersparky says RRR”


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