Trade Facilitation Programme

Trade Facilitation Programme: overview

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) has been running since 1999 and has been the recipient of numerous awards.

The programme aims to promote foreign trade to, from and within the EBRD regions and offers a range of products to facilitate this trade, including guarantees and trade-related cash advances.

The programme has played a major role in the EBRD’s efforts to help its partners, clients and regions respond to and recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. As importers and exporters grapple with increasingly complex supply routes, there has been a rapid rise in demand for trade finance that is vital to keeping the channels of trade open.

The ongoing pandemic resulted in a surge of demand for support from the TFP. In 2020, the TFP supported the financing of foreign trade totaling more than €3.3 billion – a record annual volume.

As part of its own response to the pandemic, the EBRD is also stepping up its activities in supporting trade in critical goods, including medical products and energy/food commodities through the programme. In 2020, the programme facilitated more than 80 transactions involving trade in medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment and personal protection products for the total volume of almost €60 million.

Thanks to the programme’s success at sustaining local economies through supporting international trade, the TFP is one of the EBRD’s prime instruments for responding to the crisis.

In general, the TFP strengthens the ability of local banks to provide trade financing, and through these banks gives entrepreneurs throughout our regions the support they need to increase their access to the import and export trade.

We work with a large network of local banks in the EBRD regions and worldwide. If you are an importer or an exporter and are interested in learning how we can support your international trade business, please contact your local bank (see the lists of issuing banks or confirming banks below).

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Banks interested in participating in the Trade Facilitation Programme can telephone the TFP team at the EBRD London HQ, or email us.

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Importers and exporters should contact an issuing bank.


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