President of EBRD welcomes nomination of Board Director Andor as EU Commissioner

By Anthony Williams

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Thomas Mirow, President of the EBRD, warmly welcomes the nomination by Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai of EBRD Board Director Laszlo Andor as the Hungarian member of the European Commission.

Dr Andor, an economist, has represented Hungary on the EBRD’s Resident Board since 2005.

“Laszlo Andor has made an extremely strong contribution to the EBRD in the four years that he has served on the Board. He has been an active participant in the development of the Bank during this period,” said EBRD President Thomas Mirow.

“While he will be sorely missed at the EBRD, I am certain that the energy and experience he brought to the Bank could make an equally important contribution to the Commission,” President Mirow added.

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