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Peter Sanfey


Peter Sanfey is Deputy Director for Country Economics, Strategy and Policy within the Department of Policy Strategy and Delivery at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  Between 2017 and 2020 he was also a Visiting Senior Fellow in the LSEE Research on South Eastern Europe group at the European Institute, London School of Economics.

Prior to joining the EBRD he was a lecturer in economics at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

He has published widely in international refereed journals, mostly on transition economics, macroeconomics and labour economics, and he has co-authored two books and numerous articles on economic policies and reforms in south-eastern Europe.


1992 – Ph.D. Economics, Yale University
1985 – BA Economics, Trinity College Dublin

Research interests

  • Transition economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Informal labour markets
  • Subjective measures of well-being

Publications in journals

Nikolova, E. and P. Sanfey (2016), How Much Should We Trust Life Satisfaction Data? Evidence from the Life in Transition Survey, Journal of Comparative Economics, 44 (3), pp. 720-731.

Berglof, E., D. Foray, M. Landesmann, J.Y. Lin, N. Campos, P. Sanfey, S. Radosevic and N. Volchkova  (2015), Discussion Forum: Transition Economics Meets New Structural Economics, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, DOI: 10.1080/17487870.2015.1018691.

Kuzmanović, M. and P. Sanfey (2013), Can Consumer Confidence Data Predict Real Variables? Evidence from Croatia, Croatian Economic Survey, 15(1), pp. 5-24.

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Krstić, G. and P. Sanfey (2011), Earnings Inequality and the Informal Economy: Evidence from Serbia, Economics of Transition, 19(1), pp. 179-199.

Sanfey, P. and U. Teksoz (2007), Does Transition Make You Happy? Economics of Transition, 15(4), pp. 707-731.

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Bennett, A., G. R. Kincaid, P. Sanfey and M. Watson (2015), Economic and Policy Foundations for Growth in South East Europe: Remaking the Balkan Economy. Palgrave MacMillan.

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Publications in books

P. Sanfey (2021), Building the Good Life: Growth, Reforms and Happiness in Transition, Chapter 24 of: The Palgrave Handbook of Comparative Economics (eds. E. Douarin and O. Havrylyshyn), pp. 617-633; Palgrave Macmillan.

Milatović, J. and P. Sanfey (2020), Are Yugoslav Successor States on the Path to Sustainable Market Economies? Chapter 9 of: The Legacy of Yugoslavia: Politics, Economics and Society in the Modern Balkans (eds. O. Anastasakis, A. Bennett, D. Madden and A. Merdzanovic), pp. 191-207I; I.B. Tauris.

P. Sanfey and J. Milatović (2018), The Western Balkans Regional Economic Area: from Economic Cooperation to Economic Integration, in The Transition towards European Union - Recent Economic and Social Developments in West Balkan Countries, pp. 15-27, Berlin: Springer  (eds. Reiner Osbild and Will Bartlett).

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Berglof, E. L. Bruynooghe, H. Harmgart, P. Sanfey, H. Schweiger and J. Zettelmeyer (2012), European transition at twenty: assessing progress in countries and sectors, in: Gérard Roland (ed.), Economies in Transition: the Long-Run View, Palgrave Macmillan (in association with UNU-WIDER), pp. 254-292.

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Muço, M. and P. Sanfey (2002), SME Development Policy in Albania: Developing Support Institutions in an Unstable Environment, Chapter 10 of Small Enterprise Development in South-east Europe: Policies for Sustainable Growth (eds. W. Bartlett, M. Bateman and M. Vehovec), pp. 229-239; Kluwer Academic Press.

Selected Recent Working Papers

Meshulam, D. and P. Sanfey (2019), The determinants of real exchange rates in transition economies, EBRD Working Paper No. 228.

Sanfey, P. and J. Milatović (2018), The Western Balkans in transition: diagnosing the constraints on the path to a sustainable market economy, London, EBRD, 2018.

Bartzokas, A., C. Papazoglou and P. Sanfey (2017), Greek Exports and Corporate Adjustment, paper prepared for a conference on “Exports for Growth”, hosted by the Bank of Greece, December 2017.

Krešić, A.,  J. Milatović and P. Sanfey (2017), Firm Performance and Obstacles to Doing Business in the Western Balkans: Evidence from the BEEPS, EBRD Working Paper No. 200.

Sanfey, P., J. Milatović and A. Krešić (2016), How the Western Balkans Can Catch Up, EBRD Working Paper No. 185.

Kuzmanović, M. and P. Sanfey (2014), Diagnosing Growth Constraints in South-Eastern Europe: the Case of Serbia, EBRD Working Paper No. 167.

Bartzokas, A., C.  Papazoglou and P. Sanfey (2013), Regional Integration and Economic Recovery in South-Eastern Europe, paper prepared for an International Symposium on “Growth Challenges and Economic Integration in SEE”, Athens, December 2013.


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