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Economics at the EBRD

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'Inclusive' is one of the EBRD's six transition qualities

Economics and economic research play a vital role both within the EBRD and in our work in our regions.

Our team of economists provide leading-edge analysis and insight on the latest trends and developments, not least the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, in the countries where we invest and beyond.

To cite two examples of such work's importance, the EBRD's Transition Report 2013, “Stuck in Transition?” highlighted the importance of links between the support for policy reforms and investments. Entitled “Transition for All: Equal opportunities in an unequal world”, our Transition Report 2016-17 laid the foundations for the EBRD’s increased support for Economic Inclusion, including stepped-up efforts to help women, young people, old people and those in remote regions to have a greater share in the fruits of economic progress.

As part of their output, the Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) publishes a number of regular reports.

The economics of the coronavirus pandemic

A series of short notes examine the impact of the pandemic on the EBRD regions. These look, for instance, at the resilience of economies to the Covid-19 shock, provide a repository of policies adopted in response to the pandemic, and analyse various indicators that affect the ease of exiting social distancing and achieving economic recovery.

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Transition Report

The EBRD's annual economic report is published in November. It reviews economic and structural reform developments in the region and zooms in on a particular topic.

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Regional Economic Prospects 

Published in May and November each year, Regional Economic Prospects review the latest economic developments in our regions and summarise economic growth forecasts.

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Foreign direct investment

A series of country fact sheets and an accompanying working paper aim to provide an overview of the evolution of greenfield foreign direct investment projects in the EBRD regions.

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Special Reports

From time to time, the EBRD publishes special reports on topics ranging from the green economy to diversification in Russia to the middle-income trap. 

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Assessing transition qualities and transition indicators

Every year we publish quantitative assessment of progress with structural reforms in the EBRD regions. These indicators and other data are available online.

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Together with other international financial institutions, the EBRD runs regular surveys of households, enterprises and banks.

Working papers

Our research output is disseminated via the Working Paper series.

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Our team of economic researchers

The EBRD's Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) contributes to a better understanding of the economic problems and policy issues at the heart of the EBRD regions through peer-reviewed economic research.

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EBRD Impact Briefs

EBRD Impact Briefs summarise the main findings of rigorous impact assessments of some of our main operations.


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Please feel free to contact us at for research-related enquiries.


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