RE(F)USE wins EBRD sustainable resources initiative prize

By EBRD  Press Office

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As part of its policy of encouraging young people to think creatively about sustainability, the EBRD has awarded a $ 1,500 prize to a Slovakian filmmaker for her short video about dumpster diving.

The winner of the tve Biomovies competition’s EBRD Sustainable Resource Initiative Prize for short films on sustainability - Glasgow-based student Lucia Hraskova - was announced at an awards ceremony held at the Bank’s headquarters. Communications Director Jonathan Charles awarded the prize.

“We want people to think about sustainability and what we’re doing in the Bank to encourage it, especially as we move towards the Sustainable Resources Initiative,“ said Mr Charles afterwards. “We’re particularly eager to reach out to younger people and this was a way of encouraging them to engage with us.”

Reducing waste and using resources efficiently is at the heart of the EBRD’s work.

Films in the EBRD’s category of the competition were challenged to offer answers to the questions: “What can we all do to cut waste?” and/or “How can we reuse what is now wasted?”

Shortlisted finalists received a $ 300 budget to produce a finished one-minute film and the overall winner in each category received US$ 1,500.

Ms Hraskova’s film, “Re(f)use”, won after receiving more views on YouTube than the other shortlisted film, “Supersparky says RRR”. Many more people are likely to see the video now that it has been awarded the prize.

“I am passionate about documentaries specifically because they are a combination of creative storytelling and the potential to change people's mindsets, and the world,” said Ms Hraskova. “That is why I entered the competition.”

The film focuses on dumpster diving, the practise of retrieving from rubbish bins food that has been thrown away and therefore wasted but is still edible and then eating it.

Past EBRD-sponsored categories include the EBRD Prize on Women and Climate Change and the EBRD Water Prize. The tve Biomovies competition is now in its fourth year.

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