Promoting Access through Outreach

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IPAM’s mandate to conduct outreach among internal and external stakeholders is to ensure that IPAM’s purpose, functions and activities are known and understood. To attain this, IPAM has an Outreach Strategy driven by the following principles:  

  • Accessibility: being known to all stakeholder groups for whose use they are intended, and providing adequate assistance for those who may face particular barriers to access;
  • Predictability: providing a clear and known procedure with indicative time frames for each stage, clarity on the options and outcomes available and means of monitoring implementation;
  • Transparency: keeping parties informed about progress on cases, and providing sufficient information about the mechanism’s performance to build confidence in its effectiveness;

The Outreach Strategy 2021-2024 serves to implement the provisions set in the Project Accountability Policy and adopts the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights proposed criteria to assess the mechanism effectiveness in outreach.  For the next three years, the Strategy will guide IPAM efforts to promote access to civil society organisations and communities; and to provide awareness training and familiarisation services to Bank staff and external stakeholders on the Mechanism’s mandate and processes.

Annually, the IPAM team will design and implement a set of outreach activities that will contribute incrementally to our goal of being more accessible, better known and more transparent.

If you are interested in knowing more about our plans to promote access and raise awareness amongst internal and external stakeholders, download the document.

We also welcome invitations by civil society organisations, academic institutions and other stakeholders to engage with your networks.  If you wish to contact us for more information on our outreach programme or are interested in co-organising an outreach session with IPAM, send an email to

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