This brochure includes success stories – positive, encouraging stories of local business development. We hope these real examples of what businesses are able to achieve will strengthen the spirit of the private sector, inspiring and leading to new ideas. The EBRD stands ready to offer its knowledge and support to local and foreign investors.

Turkey: The EBRD story

The EBRD has invested in a lot of change in Turkey since we started operations in 2009. This brochure tells that story. 


Knowledge economy and innovation

The knowledge economy can be defined as one marked by technological dynamism, including in those sectors not always associated with cutting edge innovation, such as agribusiness or heavy industry.

Transforming Chernobyl

The works to transform Chernobyl into a safe and secure state are nearing conclusion. The New Safe Confinement (NSC), a gigantic steel arch, has been erected and is now being equipped with systems and tools to make the site safe for generations to come. 

Women in Business

Small Business Support recognises gender equality and broader gender-related issues as an increasingly important component of the transition process.