Transition Report 2016-17 launch

  • 08 Nov 2016
  • EBRD Headquarters, London
  • EBRD
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Transition Report 2016-17 cover

Presentation begins at 16:30. Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes earlier to avoid queues at security.

This EBRD report, available on 8 November, throws a spotlight on inequality and inclusion, explaining how a failure to deliver a fair distribution of the fruits of progress may lead to setbacks in political and economic development. The report also explores the causes of inequality of opportunity and looks at how to strengthen financial inclusion.

It tracks the remarkable successes that have been achieved in post-communist societies and concludes that the “happiness gap“ has finally closed with people on similar incomes in non-transition countries.  

However, it reveals that not everyone has shared in this growing economic prosperity and delivers a stark warning: “Countries where the majority of people perceived reforms to be designed for somebody else’s gain saw the reversal of both political and economic transition.” These perceptions have led to the emergence of anti-reform populists and crony capitalism.

The latest annual analysis from the EBRD’s economists draws on a uniquely wide-ranging survey of people who experienced transition first hand, including those born at the time of tremendous political, social and economic upheaval – the children of transition. It reveals the true physical impact of that shock on people born at the height of this period.

This survey, the EBRD’s third Life in Transition Survey, polled the views of more than 51,000 randomly selected households at 75 locations in each of 34 countries.

Branko Milanovic: Visiting Presidential Professor at the Graduate Center, City University of New York
Eliana La Ferrara: Professor of Development Economics at Bocconi University
Andreas Treichl: Chairman of the Board of Erste Group Bank AG

All guests will be able to collect their free copy of the report. The event will conclude with a cocktail networking reception starting at 1800hrs.


Listen to a preview of the report from the EBRD’s Chief Economist, Sergei Guriev.

EBRD Headquarters

Broadgate City of London,

1 Exchange Square,

London EC2A 2JN


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