Training on Biodiversity Inclusive ESIAs for the Hydropower Sector, Tbilisi

  • 31 Jan - 01 Feb 2019
  • Tbilisi, Georgia
  • EBRD
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Biodiversity Inclusive Environmental and Social Impact Assessments for the Hydropower Sector, Tbilisi

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is organising a training on biodiversity inclusive social impact assessments (ESIAs) for the hydropower sector in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi on 31 January- 1 February 2019.

The objective of the course are to raise awareness of the following topics:

  • International Finance Institution (IFI) Biodiversity specific legislation and/or conventions;
  • Hydropower Good Industry Practices and Initiatives, with an emphasis on biodiversity inclusive ESIAs;

  • The Mitigation Hierarchy, Strategic Catchment Planning, Biodiversity Offsets, Ecological Flows and fish migration; and
  • Management of biodiversity Issues specific to the Hydropower sector.

The training will be conducted in English by experts in EBRD requirements and will include focus on practical case-studies from EBRD-financed projects in the region. Practical details regarding the location of the workshops and other joining instructions will be provided in the coming weeks.  Participants will be expected to fund their travel and accommodation but the cost of the training and materials will be covered by the EBRD.

The deadline for registering your interest in this event is December 1st, 2018Please email or

Public Sector (regulators):  31st January 2019 at 10:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs.  Hydropower sector regulators training 1 full day session: Relevant government authorities / ministries (including protected area managers) responsible for EIA Screening, approval, permitting and monitoring of HPPs welcomed.

Private Sector (operators): 1st February 2019 at 10:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs.  Hydropower sector operators training 1 full day session: Local consultants, biodiversity scientists and experts, Civil Society Organizations focused on biodiversity conservation welcomed.


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