Navruz at EBRD 2019

  • 21 Mar 2019
  • London, UK
  • EBRD
Navruz at EBRD 2019

Join the EBRD Asian Network for our annual celebration of Navruz - Central Asian New Year - and discover different cultures, traditions, dance and music.

Experience the atmosphere of the East as you visit our Central Asian Handicrafts Bazaar, and learn more about the holiday.  The evening will feature surprises appearances from a professional theatre company and talent from the EBRD as well as dance, music and lots of plov (a delicious rice dish). The food is provided by OshPaz/Secrets of The Silk Road. 

Doors open at 17:00. The event will end at 21:30. 

About Orzu Arts:

The only Central Asian theatre company in Britain, ORZU Arts explores the richness of the region’s performing arts, creating cultural exchanges between the East and West.

About the EBRD Asian Network:

The EBRD Asian Network brings together a diverse network of individuals, all working together to promote a wider understanding of this multi-faceted region through dedicated events, art and culture. We strive to highlight the diversity of traditions and the rich history of the many different countries where we work by sharing our personal experiences and stories. 

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