Jazz and Soul charity concert

  • 11 Jan 2018
  • London, UK
  • EBRD
Jazz and Soul charity concert

Join us for a charity concert featuring Amelia Hope and British/Turkish singer-songwriter Onur and his band, in support of the orphans of mining-accident victims in Turkey.

The funds that the concert generates will help support the TEV SOMA Hope Fund. The Fund will grant lifelong scholarships to 165 children whose families have been affected by the tragic deaths or injuries of their fathers in a mine disaster, in which more than 300 miners became trapped underground.

The concert is supported by the EBRD’s Community Initiative.

Speakers at the concert will include:

Taşkın Temiz, EBRD Director for Turkey

Eylül Seçilmiş, representative of the Turkish Education Fund (TEV)

Eric Rasmussen, EBRD Head of Natural Resources

Dariusz Prasek, EBRD Director of Operations, Environment and Sustainability

Doors will open for registration at 17.30. The event will start at 18.00 with a welcome speech. The concert by Amelia Hope will follow promptly, ending at 19.20. We will then have a brief intermission until 19.30, for a presentation by TEV to raise awareness of what the event aims to achieve, followed by Onur’s concert.

Amelia Hope is an EBRD talent from Malta. She joined the Bank a year ago and has been singing jazz, soul, funk and blues professionally all around Europe for the past 15 years. Having moved to London three years ago, she is now a managed solo artist working on her new soul/R&B album and performing regularly in the capital and across the UK. Visit her website to find out more: www.ameliahope.co.uk.

Onur is a young talent, a singer and songwriter who was classically trained in London. He showcased in the Berklee College of Music’s five-week performance programme. Onur now performs regularly in the City of London with his own songs, which range from love ballads to funky and soulful numbers. He is known for an eclectic style of sound and music, with a unique, soulful voice.

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