Gender in agribusiness supply chains in Uzbekistan and Turkey

  • 15 Jul 2020
  • Zoom
  • EBRD
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As part of an EBRD assignment, A2F Consulting conducted a gender assessment to inform future agribusiness investments and the EBRD’s potential policy engagement and support for reforms in the public sector in Uzbekistan and Turkey.

In this context, a baseline assessment was conducted with the intention of helping to better understand existing gaps between men and women in the agribusiness sector, focusing on legal, regulatory, financial, economic and social barriers for women, as well as the existing gaps in providing assistance in these areas.

Two value chains were selected for the baseline study in each country: horticulture and dairy in Uzbekistan and hazelnut and dairy in Turkey.

Information and data were collected through a review of available documents, surveys of agribusinesses and focus group discussions (FGDs) with women-led agribusinesses, and stakeholder interviews. This webinar presents the findings from the: (i) baseline assessment in Uzbekistan and Turkey, (ii) the business case for integrating gender into agribusiness supply chains, (iii) opportunities for EBRD’s intervention, i.e. recommendations on how EBRD could help reduce these gaps in line with its operating business model, and (iv) policy roadmaps for top three policy issues in the two countries.

We hope you can join us for the presentation and discussion on 15 July at 02:00 PM (BST). 


-Ms. Natalya Zhukova, EBRD Head of Agribusiness

-Ms. Biljana Radonjic Ker-Lindsay, EBRD Lead Economist, Gender and Economic Inclusion

-Dr. Rebati Mendali, Principal, A2F Consulting

-Ms. Kate Ivey, Senior Gender Specialist, A2F Consulting

-Dr. Modibo Camara, Chief Executive Officer, A2F Consulting

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