EBRD draft Transport sector strategy - public consultation in Cairo

  • 29 Jul 2019
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • EBRD
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EBRD Board Directors in Cairo to assess how Bank can support Egypt’s economy

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is reviewing its strategic approach to the transport sector. We therefore invite interested stakeholders to share their comments on and suggestions for our draft Transport sector strategy 2019-2024.

A public consultation meeting will be held in Cairo on 29 July to discuss the draft strategy.

Transport is a catalyst for economic and inclusive growth.  At the same time, transportation across the countries where the EBRD works needs to be greener and more resilient to climate change to ensure their economies follow sustainable paths.

EBRD is leading the public consultation process, with support from Revelle Group. If you are interested in attending the public consultation, please contact: EBRD-transport@revellegroup.eu.

For specific questions related to the EBRD Transport Strategy, comments or suggestions, please contact  TransportStrategy@ebrd.com by 6 September.

Please note that while all comments will be acknowledged by email, responses will be provided as part of the Report on the Invitation to the Public to Comment.

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