Climate corporate governance for financial institutions

  • 06 Feb 2020
  • London, UK
  • EBRD
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Climate corporate governance for financial institutions

Please join the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) at this invitation-only event on 6 February 2020 in London.

During the past decade, with extreme weather causing hundreds of USD billions of losses per year and the changing climate intensifying the adverse effects of wasteful practices, environmental considerations have overtaken economic concerns as the main sources of global risk, according to the World Economic Forum.

Financial regulators and the European Union are responding with recommendations and guidance on the disclosure of climate related financial risks to help integrate sustainability into investor portfolio management. Credit rating agencies are developing new ways to anticipate how climate related risks could impact businesses and financial institutions.

But is this enough? To assess whether the financial sector is adequately equipped, the EBRD is bringing together representatives from financial institutions to share their practical experience of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of climate related risk management.

The event will discuss ways to achieve an effective investor-led climate response via:

  • Climate corporate governance
  • Standards-based climate finance
  • Climate risk management
  • Climate related capital market products

The all-day event, by invitation only, provides an opportunity to gain insight into the latest thinking of a network of leading climate corporate governance professionals.


  • Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Luiz A. Pereira da Silva, Deputy General Manager (keynote speech)
  • Financial Times, Gillian Tett, Editor and columnist
  • PWC, Jon Williams, Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Moody’s, James Leaton, Vice President, Senior Credit Officer,  Moody's Investors Service
  • Amundi Asset Management, Sergei Strigo, Head of emerging market debt & currency
  • Citi bank, Courtney Lowrance, Managing Director, Sustainable Banking and Corporate Transitions
  • PKO BH, Agnieszka Zdziennicka, Head of Treasury and Investor Relations
  • ING, Dr Roland Mees, Director Sustainable Finance
  • BNP Paribas, Alexandra Basirov, Global Head of Sustainable Finance
  • Climate Bonds Initiative, Sean Kidney, CEO
  • UNEP FI, Eric Usher, Head of UNEP FI
  • NGFS/ Banque de France, Morgan Despres, Head of NGFS Secretariat
  • I4CE / Climate Action in Financial Institutions, Ian Cochran, Senior Adviser
  • Green Climate Fund (GCF), Vladislav Arnaoudov, Finance Monitoring and Evaluation

Guidance on coronavirus
The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared coronavirus a global public health emergency. The EBRD is therefore taking preventative measures, asking all our guests not to visit our offices within 14 days of arrival from China or Hong Kong. Guests returning from Taipei China are asked to respect the same precautions due to the large number of people who have travelled between China and Taipei China in the past fortnight, as well as the continuing high numbers of people reporting possible infection. This is expected to be a temporary measure and will be reassessed regularly. Please look out for updates.

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