Asian Network Charity Film Screening & Handcraft Exhibition

  • 18 Jan 2018
  • London, UK
  • EBRD

EBRD Asian Network cordially invite you to Tajik & Kazakh documentary film screening and handicraft exhibition by artisans and designers from Central Asia to support a school for blind children in rural Tajikistan & ARDI rehabilitation centre for disabled children in Kazakhstan as part of the EBRD Community Initiative Programme.   

Tajik documentary:

The Pamiri people of Afghanistan and Tajikistan are among the most isolated communities in the world. Thousands  of them, especially Pamiris of Afghanistan live according to centuries-old traditions. Slowly but surely Western influences enter this remote mountain region. In this documentary film - Wisdom of the Mountains (2017, 40 minutes) we travel through the Pamir Mountains with Frederik van Oudenhoven. He is the author of ‘With our own hands’, a book about the traditional dishes and the food and farming culture of the Pamiri people. He speaks with farmers about the struggles they are facing: are they staying true to their old traditions or will they – slowly but surely – adopt the Western influences. Wisdom of the Mountains has won the first prize in the category DOC at the Food Film Fest in Bergamo (Italy).

Kazakh feature film:

Kazakh cinematography film "To Be or Not to Be (2014, 60 minutes) " is a real life story of Takhir Umarov, a student of ARDI (Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities) who is in a constant battle with his diagnosis: cerebral palsy. He has a dream - to be an actor. Apart from the fact that he uses a wheelchair, he also stutters, so Takhir had almost no chance to realize his dream. This movie gives Takhir along with many young disabled actors a chance to make their dream come true. This is a first Kazakh movie starring a person suffering from celebral palsy. The movie won a number of awards in foreign countries, including winning an Excellence Award in 2015 at the Superfest international disability film festival. This year, it was shown during the Open Central Asia Festival in October in London.


All raised funds during the event will be used to support School for Blind in Tajikistan and children with disabilities in Kazakhstan. For online donation, please click the following links:

Doors will open for reception and registration for external guests at 5.15pm and refreshments will be served before the screening begins promptly at 6pm. Admission to this event is free and EBRD staff members need not register. External guests will have to register online by 17 January 2018. Thank you.

About the EBRD Asian Network:

The EBRD Asian Network brings together a diverse network of individuals, all working together to promote a wider understanding of the multi-faceted region through dedicated cultural, academic, and networking events. We strive to highlight the diversity of traditions and rich history of different Asian countries in the EBRD community.


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