African-Caribbean Network film screening “SoleSeekers”

  • 08 Oct 2019
  • London, UK
  • EBRD
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African-Caribbean Network film screening “SoleSeekers”

Join the EBRD African-Caribbean Network in celebrating Black History Month on Tuesday 8th October.

The UK sneaker industry is worth £8 billion annually, whilst the resale market is worth, by conservative estimates, a further £1-2 billion.

SoleSeekers is the first full length independent film to focus on the UK sneaker market and tells the story of the companies and individuals who have contributed to the narrative of the sneaker head (the ‘training shoe aficionado’).  Sneaker culture grew out of the Hip Hop Music scene in the 80s and 90s (who remembers ‘My Adidas’ by Run DMC)? Michael Jordan, the US basketball player, also endorsed one of the most sought after shoes on the planet, the ‘Air Jordan’.

These defining moments have helped to shape Sneaker culture in the UK into something separate from the simple need for a running shoe or tennis shoe, but one that builds community and a sense of belonging through the shoes on your feet.  Sneaker heads are not defined by race, gender, social background or any other attempt to box them up - boxes are for sneakers not for people.

Brands have married different elements of street culture to make profits in a growing market that thrives on loyalty and bring fashion forward. But sneaker heads are not followers and brands must strike a delicate balance to maintain both their revenue and relationship with collectors.

The event starts at 17.00 for refreshments followed by the film screening at 17.45. The event will finish with a panel discussion featuring the film’s director, Emil Collins, and leading consumer experts and sportswear retailers.

EBRD Headquarters

Broadgate City of London,

1 Exchange Square,

London EC2A 2JN


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