History of the EBRD: book launch

  • 02 Jul 2020
  • Online
  • EBRD
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Join us for the virtual launch of an online History of the EBRD on 2 July, 10.30-11.00 am (UK time)

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We are delighted to announce the publication of the first volume of an online history of the EBRD -- 'After the Berlin Wall'.

This publication is not an official history of the Bank. Rather it was commissioned by EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti and written by EBRD alumnus, Andrew Kilpatrick.

'After the Berlin Wall' charts the EBRD’s life from a fledgling high-risk, start-up investing in former socialist countries from 1991 to become an established member of the international financial community, which today operates in almost 40 countries across three continents.

The book describes the multilateral negotiations that created the EBRD, recounts the challenges that ‘transition’ countries faced in moving from a defunct to a better economic system and maps the EBRD’s response to critical events, from the dissolution of the Soviet Union, to the safe confinement of the Chernobyl disaster site, the debt default in Russia and the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008.

It will be published by the Central European University (CEU) Press in Hungary and will be available to download on the 3 July from a dedicated site.

The special virtual launch event on 2 July – Suma’s last day as EBRD President – will feature discussion between:

- Jonathan Charles (Moderator), Managing Director of Communications, EBRD

- Suma Chakrabarti, President of the EBRD

- Ron Freeman, former Head of Banking and First Vice President at the EBRD (1991-1997)

- Andrew Kilpatrick, author of After the Berlin Wall; former counsellor to the Chief Economist at the EBRD and Director for Project and Sector Assessment

- Dr Frances Pinter, Founder and currently Chair of the Central European University (CEU) Press, Hungary

- Christine Mercer, current EBRD staff member who joined the Bank in 1990.

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