First green innovation vouchers awarded in Serbia

By Svitlana  Pyrkalo

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The new EBRD-run scheme will provide €140,000 to small businesses for innovative climate-friendly solutions

First innovation vouchers for “green” solutions have been awarded today in the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

9 companies will receive a total of €140,000 under the Green Innovation Voucher scheme, started by the EBRD, funded by Austria’s DRIVE (Delivering Resource Efficiency InVEstments) Programme and supported from Italy through the Central European Initiative.

The scheme aims to increase the innovation capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of green technologies and resource efficiency. Companies will work with providers of research, mainly local universities, on proposals; one proposal can receive an innovation voucher of up to €20,000. The EBRD believes that such innovations will not only help Serbia better prepare for the changing climate, but will also support its long-term economic competitiveness.

A few of the selected projects will support development of sustainable and precision agriculture that is very important for Serbian economy. For example, the Institute BioSense will test its novel irrigation system together with Marko Čarnić, the leading producer of carrots. The smart irrigation system will incorporate satellite images, soil maps, wireless field sensors and weather models and suggests when to water plants; it will increase harvests and conserve water.

Some of the other projects aim to improve waste management and reuse of waste materials such as waste plastic, glass and expanded polystyrene. Waste management is one of the most urgent environmental issues for Serbia.

The award ceremony took place at the Hotel Crowne Plaza in the presence of the Minister of Innovation and Technological Development, Dr Nenad Popović, the Minister of Environmental Protection, Mr. Goran Trivan, and the EBRD management including Terry McCallion, EBRD Director for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change, and Dan Berg, EBRD Director for Serbia.

The second call for applications will be open to companies from 13 March until 30 April 2018. SMEs and R&D service providers can apply through the web page

The following small businesses and their partners in the research and development field were awarded vouchers: 




R&D Service Provider



PG Marko Čarnić


Institute BioSense, Novi Sad

Smart and eco-friendly irrigation system based on sensor fusion


Dogama d.o.o.

Waste management

Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Novi Sad

Eco building material made of waste plastic and glass


Muvaround d.o.o.


Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade
Innovation Center of the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

Low-power agrometeorological stations and soil temperature probes


Dorado d.o.o.

Waste management

Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac
IMS Institute, Belgrade

Lightweight panels made of waste expanded polystyrene and fly ash


Energia gas and power d.o.o.

Energy Management

Innovation Center of Advanced Technologies, Niš

SASA Mathematical Institute, Belgarde

Advanced electricity demand-side management for industry


GOMMA Line d.o.o.

Metal and rubber

Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac

Tabletop CNC machine and advanced clamping tool for metal processing


NS Koncept d.o.o.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade

Innovative recovery of latent heat from the flash steam release


Avalon Partners d.o.o.

Electrical equipment

School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

A novel non-invansive diagnostics of refrigerant pressure in air conditioners


ESENSA d.o.o.


Institute for Molecular Genetics and  Genetic Engineering, University of Belgrade

Conversion of waste plastic packaging material to biodegradable plastic




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