EBRD loan to Turkmen meat producer Taze Ay

By Svitlana  Pyrkalo

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US$ 800,000 for expansion of sausage and meat production in oasis city of Mary

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is stepping up its support for private small and medium-sized enterprises in Turkmenistan with funding to Taze Ay, a processed meat producer basedin the southern city of Mary.

Strengthening economic resilience by supporting the local private sector of the countries where it operates is one of the EBRD’s priorities. The EBRD’s strategic plan for the period 2016-18 also names addressing global challenges and supporting regional integration as priorities.

The EBRD, in cooperation with the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF), will extend US$ 800,000 to Taze Ay, of which the Bank will provide US$ 560,000 and the Fund the remaining US$ 240,000.The funding will enable Taze Ay to expand its production capacity by about 25 per cent.

Taze Ay was founded in 2005 by the three brothers. The company has been supported by the EBRD since 2013, receiving financing for new production lines and distribution network expansion along with business advice on quality, food safety and company management from the EBRD’s Advice for Agribusiness team.

“All EBRD clients in the agribusiness sector in Turkmenistan have received support from international advisers, either before or after financing. The quality of our portfolio in the country confirms that this model works,” said Victoria Zinchuk, EBRD Head of Advice for Agribusiness.

Begench Orazov, CEO and one of the original founders, said: “Our customers want quality products. New equipment, purchased with EBRD financing, allows us to produce better quality sausage and meat products, and it is an investment that pays for itself as it allows us to increase our output. We are already the number one producer in the country and with the planned capacity expansion we will substitute more imports with domestic quality products, tailored to local tastes and attractively priced.” 

Engin Goksu, EBRD Head of Office in Turkmenistan, added: “Supporting local entrepreneurs which strive to satisfy local demand with quality products is one of our priorities in Turkmenistan. Taze Ay is one of these companies which are showing impressive growth as a result of cooperation with the EBRD.”

To date, the EBRD has invested over US$ 260 million in Turkmenistan, mainly in privately owned manufacturing companies

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