EBRD welcomes revolutionary new approach to infrastructure project delivery

By Olga Rosca

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 EBRD welcomes revolutionary new approach to infrastructure project delivery

EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti and other MDB heads at Global Infrastructure Forum 2016

Global IT solution holds out the promise of accelerated infrastructure investment

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development welcomes the new ground-breaking digital platform, the International Infrastructure Support System (IISS), designed to speed up dramatically the delivery of infrastructure in the public sector across the developing world.

The computer-based system, unveiled in Washington on 27 January, gathers and synthesizes information and data on all aspects of development on an infrastructure project by project basis. It will provide immediate connectivity tailored to the needs of the public contracting authorities on a national and subnational basis and will facilitate up to the minute changes and the input of additional data.

IISS offers:

  • an online, scalable secure working environment for data gathering and project management;
  • a high-quality preparation methodology;
  • an effective communication platform for feedback between public and private sector; and
  • an efficient management of key data throughout an infrastructure project’s lifecycle.

Thomas Maier, Managing Director Infrastructure at the EBRD, said: "We know that infrastructure investors want to understand better where to invest in emerging markets, which projects are being prepared, and when such projects are coming to market. IISS is a global IT solution whose time has come: it seeks to increase knowledge, lower transaction costs of preparing projects, and ultimately holds out the promise of accelerated infrastructure investment."

At present McKinsey estimates the global infrastructure gap will reach $57 trillion by the year 2030 unless steps are taken to meet the infrastructure needs of population growth and expected levels of urbanization.

The new system generates and circulates reports, helping to speed up tenders for infrastructure projects. Thanks to its comprehensive features, projects can be awarded and built more quickly – an essential feature in a world with a rapidly increasing population and massive infrastructure needs.

The platform’s interactivity also encompasses connections to other knowledge initiatives such as PPIAF, Infrascope and the PPP Knowledge Lab and can be used as a communication link between public and private sector, providing input, and exchange of experience and either on-line or face-to-face training on an ongoing basis.

Significant input in IISS’s development has been provided by the private sector, who will act subsequently as investors. Development banks, such as the EBRD, have provided advice and guidance and will contribute to its continued future use by all interested parties.

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