FYR Macedonia’s AD MEPSO launches EBRD’s e-procurement portal

By EBRD  Press Office

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FYR Macedonia’s MEPSO launches EBRD’s e-procurement portal

EBRD is the first Multilateral Development Bank to offer clients full e-procurement for open tendering.
AD MEPSO, the national electricity transmission system operator in FYR Macedonia, has become the first EBRD client to use its e-procurement system for open tendering.
The EBRD has thus become the first Multilateral Development Bank to offer clients a fully electronic system to cover the entire procurement cycle from planning to tendering and award of goods, works and loan-funded consultancy contracts and allowing electronic submission of offers.
The EBRD’s new cloud-based online platform, provided by BiP Solutions UK and referred to by its acronym of ECEPP, is gradually replacing its current paper-based procedures for invitations to tender, tender documents, clarifications and evaluation reports.
“AD MEPSO is very pleased to be a part of this future-oriented pilot project,” said AD MEPSO’s Jordan Angelovski, the Head of the Project Implementation Unit. “Using this new technology and at the same time being involved in the creation of a very useful tool is an honour but also an obligation for our team.”
“We hope that the final result will be of benefit for both EBRD and AD MEPSO as pioneers in the use of such technology for managing projects, as well as for all the EBRD’s other clients and partners.” 
The new system allows suppliers to obtain tender documentation electronically for contracts procured under the EBRD's Procurement Policies and Rules free of charge, following a simple registration process.
Importantly, the system lets suppliers submit an encrypted electronic tender, thereby guaranteeing security and confidentiality, with simultaneous online opening of tenders at the specified closing time with automatic notification of key tender data to all participants.
This removes the current need for courier or hand delivery to the tender box and for a physical presence at a public tender opening. It will also greatly speed up transaction time and reduce processing costs for the clients and suppliers, as well as increasing opportunities for competition and improving transparency.
Scott Smith, CEO of BiP Solutions, said: “we have worked very closely with the EBRD's Procurement Department to configure our established secure e-tendering platform to meet its specific requirements in terms of approved procurement methods, no objection gateways and formal standard bank documentation”.
“We are delighted to be able to start the pilot on schedule and look forward to the continuing roll-out of the system in 2015 to new projects,” said Richard Gargrave, the EBRD’s manager of the project.
“The EBRD’s use of ECEPP is a historic moment in MDB project procurement and can only bring benefits to the Bank, its clients and suppliers."
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