Short-list of BBC Ukrainian Book of the Year in partnership with EBRD Cultural Programme

By EBRD  Press Office

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BBC Ukrainian has announced the shortlists for its Book of the Year (Книга року BBC 2013) and Children’s Book of the Year (Дитяча Книга року BBC 2013) awards which are presented in partnership with the Cultural Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The BBC Ukrainian Book of the Year 2013 shortlist, selected from 20 publications, is:

  • “Quarter to Ten” (“За чверть десята”) by Yuriy Makarov
  • “The Remote Space” (“Далекий простір”) by Yaroslav Melnyk
  • “Frau Muller Isn’t Disposed to Pay More” (“Фрау Мюллер не налаштована платити більше”) by Natalya Snyadanko.

Commenting on the Book of the Year 2013 shortlist, panel member and BBC Ukrainian Editor, Nina Kuryata, said that the books have one theme in common – a quest for identity: “Each of the shortlisted titles are novels in which the protagonists go through complex relationships with the system. They migrate between various social groups trying, in vain, to find a niche of their own.”

The BBC Ukrainian Children's Book of the Year 2013 shortlist, selected from 13 publications:

  • “The League of Odd Socks” (“Ліга непарних шкарпеток”) by Halyna Vdovychenko
  • “Outlaw Pyntya in the Cursed City (“Розбійник Пинтя в заклятому місті”) by Oleksandr Havrosh
  • “Different” (“Не такий”) by Sergey Hrydin
  • “Who Will Make the Snow?” (“Хто зробить сніг?”) by Maryana Prohasko and Taras Prohasko
  • “Arsen” (“Арсен”) by Iren Rozdobudko

Panel member, writer and EBRD Cultural Advisor, Svitlana Pyrkalo, said: “This is the second time we are presenting a separate award for children’s literature, and this year's offering is a rich collection. The characters in this year’s shortlisted books take us on a magical journey through Ukrainian fairy tales; we live through the challenges facing a teenager in today's reality; we learn where snow came from, with the help of a family of moles; a fascinating family mystery is solved; a bunch of odd socks in a drawer show us the value of sticking together.”

The two winning titles will be announced at an awards ceremony at the Conference Hall of Hotel Vozdvyzhensky, Kiev, on Friday 13 December, at 15.00. The winning author in each category will be awarded £1,000, in Ukrainian hryvnya equivalent. The publishers of the two winning books will receive the right to use the logos of the BBC Ukrainian book awards on subsequent editions.

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