Upgrading the water sector in Tajikistan

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The EBRD and its donors are contributing to the upgrade of several Tajik cities’ water supply systems through investment programmes, co-financing and technical assistance projects.

Following years of underinvestment in the Tajik water sector, most of the country’s population cannot rely on an efficient water supply service and the environment is endangered by poor wastewater treatment.

In some areas water is only available for a couple of hours every second day. This affects health and hygiene standards as well, with the population experiencing outbreaks of water borne disease, especially during the summer.

Furthermore, Tajikistan’s water resources will progressively come under pressure from the projected impacts of climate change, which will put further strain on water supply systems.

Restoring reliable and sustainable services

The severe deterioration of assets for water supply and wastewater collection requires high operations, maintenance costs, and institutional capacity to manage operationally and financially sustainable water supply services. To support the rehabilitation of the sector the EBRD has invested in several project across the country covering 15 cities in the Khujand, South and North regions of Tajikistan.

The projects comprise individual priority investment programmes designed for each participating city with focus on restoring reliable water supply and critical wastewater improvements as well as institution building support through corporate development and stakeholder participation programmes. Operations include sustainability though improved maintenance procedures; financial sustainability through improved billing and collection procedures and improved financial management; and environmental improvements including energy conservation and climate change effect mitigation measures.

Donors’ support

The Tajik water rehabilitation projects are co-financed by grant investments funded by Switzerland and the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund (SSF), and supported by technical cooperation (TC) assignments funded by Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, the EBRD’s Water Fund and the Early Transition Countries (ETC) Fund. The ETC Fund provided more than €2.5 million for four TCs focusing on corporate development and participation, project implementation and procurement and a programme monitor assignment covering the Bank's entire water portfolio in the country. The support from the ETC fund and other donors is critical to achieve project objectives adding strength to project implementation capacity and enhancing monitoring quality.

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