Supporting renewable energy in Poland

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The EBRD continues to support Poland’s drive to increase its renewable energy production with a PLN 178 million loan (€45 million equivalent) to co-finance the construction and operations of the Margonin wind farm, the largest wind farm in the country.

The project is controlled by EDP Renovaveis, the world’s third-largest wind energy company. Located in the Margonin region of north-west Poland, the wind farm is already in operation. With a capacity of 120 MW, its annual energy production is expected to represent approximately 14 per cent of the total wind generation capacity in Poland.

The wind farm is co-financed by the European Investment Bank, which is providing a matching PLN 178 million loan (€45 million equivalent) and a group of commercial banks.

This is the EBRD’s fourth investment in renewable energy in Poland. To date the Bank has financed the construction and operation of numerous renewable energy projects in the EBRD’s countries of operations including Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Mongolia and Turkey, having committed over €350 million in the renewable energy sector.

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