EBRD Literature Prize


In order for books to be eligible for the Book Prize, the following criteria must be met:

a) The works must consist of books of literary fiction written originally in any language, whether official or minority, from an EBRD country of operations and translated into English.

b) The works may only be submitted by UK-based publishers with a UK ISBN, the price printed in pound sterling and distribution in the UK.

c) The works must not be self-translated and/or self-published.

d) In the second year of the Prize, the works must have been published in the UK in translation for the first time from in the period between 15 Novermber 2017 and 14 November 2018.

e) Any individual publisher may not submit more than one book per EBRD country of operations, but may submit a single book from more than one country of operations.  (As an example, a UK publisher may submit one book each from Slovenia, from Croatia and from Albania, but not two from Croatia.)

f) The author of the work must be living at the time it is submitted.

g) Entries should be accompanied by a statement giving the date of publication, an e-mail and contact address, as well as a telephone number of the publisher.  The following must also be included:

a. A brief description of the book and plot summary

b. Biographic details of the author and translator

c. A brief statement as to why the book merits consideration

h) Six copies of each work must be submitted, which will not be returned

i) The publisher shall agree to sell any work short-listed for the Prize at a discount of 50% of the recommended retail price to EBRD staff members.

j) The finalists (authors and translators) must agree to come to London for the award ceremony. Travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by the EBRD.

k) Download the submission form. If you have any queries, contact  LiteraturePrize@ebrd.com.