Food Security

The EBRD's Private Sector for Food Security Initiative

Launched in 2011, the EBRD’s Private Sector for Food Security Initiative champions the role of the private sector in boosting food production and improving food quality and safety standards, and aims to set incentives and create the right environment for encouraging private sector investments.

Considering the diversity of the countries where it works, the EBRD has a unique insight and a specific role to play in increasing global food security. The private sector can play a decisive role in helping bridge the growing divide between demand and supply.

In Egypt, for example, there is a large gap between the supply and demand for agricultural commodities and, as a result, the country relies significantly on imports. The EBRD cooperates with Medsofts, a family-owned company based in Egypt and one of the key agricultural commodity importers and supply chain managers in the country. The company also participates in EBRD-FAO supported policy dialogue with the goal to strengthen the role of the private sector in Egypt’s grain sector, improve efficiency and reduce waste and damage.

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