Project-related Environmental and Social Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Name and Document Title Sector Public/Private Status
20 Jul 2006 36625 Ukraine Ekoenergia(Alchevsk Iron&Steel Works Cogeneration Facility) Manufacturing and Services Private Complete
20 Jun 2006 36651 Serbia Belgrade Highway and Bypass Project Transport Public Repaying
02 Jun 2006 36127 Croatia Ploce Port Bulk Terminal Project Transport Public Completed
18 May 2006 36384 Kazakhstan Bautino Atash Marine and Supply Base Project (DEBT) Natural resources Private Disbursing
17 Aug 2005 33896 Ukraine Odessa High Voltage Grid Upgrade Power and energy Public Complete
05 Aug 2005 25438 Poland Belchatow II Power and energy Public Complete
19 Jul 2005 34913 Serbia Sava River Crossing Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Complete
01 Jul 2005 33391 Romania Constanta By-Pass Project Transport Public Repaying
31 Mar 2005 11865 Bulgaria Maritza East I Power Company Energy Private Repaying
04 Mar 2005 35264 Hungary M6 Motorway Transport Private Complete