The EBRD at 25

Financing green agriculture in the Baltic states

€30 million loan to Scandagra Group in support of sustainable land use

Credit growth returns to CESEE region on basis of robust growth and improving NPL situation, new Vienna Initiative publications show

Total credit to the private sector in CESEE expanded at 8 per cent year-on-year

We can be Indian business's partner of choice in our regions
EBRD President Sir Suma Chakrabarti

EBRD President's speech at Mumbai Business Forum

EBRD supports establishment of energy exchange in Greece

Bank acquires 20 per cent of Hellenic Energy Exchange

Refuge in Jordan - a new life for Syrians

1.3 million Syrian refugees now in neighbouring Jordan

EBRD and two private equity firms consider stake in Moldova Agroindbank

B.C. Moldova Agroindbank S.A. is the largest commercial bank in Moldova.

The EBRD and World Refugee Day
Zaatari camp

Investments worth €352 million help Jordan and Turkey cope with the Syrian refugee crisis

EBRD acquires minority shareholding in IPO of AS Tallinna Sadam

€15.9 million investment in major transport infrastructure asset

MDB climate finance hit record high of US$ 35.2 billion in 2017
MDB climate finance hit record high of  US$ 35.2 billion in 2017

An increase of nearly 30% on the previous year, boosting projects that help developing countries address climate risks

Helping Moldovan businesses meet EU standards
Helping Moldovan businesses meet EU standards

EU4Business-EBRD credit line helps tile producer Keramo Rosso