Project Summary Documents – Technical Cooperation

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Status
21 Mar 2018
9537 Regional SME Innovation and Product Development Small business Approved
13 Mar 2018
9420 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan – Development of Modern Policy, Legal and Institutional Frameworks for PPP Projects Legal reform Approved
05 Mar 2018
9457 Kazakhstan Programme for Supporting Renewable Energy in Kazakhstan Power and energy Approved
22 Feb 2018
8287 Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan Improving High-Value Trade Opportunities in Horticulture (Extension) Agribusiness Approved
20 Dec 2016
7619 FYR Macedonia Biodiversity Capacity Building Programme: Promoting Good International Practices Other TC Com approved
20 Dec 2016
7617 Bulgaria Support to the National Economic Council of Bulgaria Other TC Com approved
20 Dec 2016
7592 Regional Design, Implementation and Management of eLearning Portal for the LC2 Capacity Building Programme in SEMED Countries Other TC Com approved
20 Dec 2016
7538 Regional Quality standards and labels for development of sustainable food retail Agribusiness TC Com approved
20 Dec 2016
7517 Georgia Georgia: Support to Sustainable Value Chains through the Development of Geographical Indications in the Dairy Sector Agribusiness TC Com approved
20 Dec 2016
7476 Regional Regional - EITI - Beneficial Ownership Disclosure Support Programme Other TC Com approved

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