Project Summary Documents – Technical Cooperation

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Status
21 Sep 2018
10389 Ukraine Ukraine: EU4Business SME Online Platform Small business Approved
26 Jul 2018
10013 Regional Climate Change Induced Water Scarcity - Impacts on the Power Sector Power and energy Approved
12 Jul 2018
10014 Turkey Identifying and Mapping Off-shore Wind and Wave Energy Potential of Turkey Power and energy Approved
28 Jun 2018
7616 Serbia Reform Support Division to the Coordination Commission for Inspection Reform Other SP Com approved, TC Com approved
28 Jun 2018
9876 Regional Assurance & Capacity Building Programme Power and energy Approved
26 Jun 2018
9831 Regional TC Support to RSF Expansion in SEMED Small business Approved
06 Jun 2018
9761 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan: Advise on the design of an overarching privatisation programme via IPO and measures to achieve MSCI emerging market classification Local Currency and Capital Markets Development Approved
01 Jun 2018
838 Egypt Egypt: Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment of Renewable Energy Projects in the East Nile Area Power and energy TC com approved
31 May 2018
6608 Tajikistan Assistance to the National Bank of Tajikistan in Strengthening Financial Institutions’ Corporate Governance Structures and Practices Corporate information Approved
14 May 2018
9742 Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan Sector Development, Competitiveness and Value Chain Diagnostics in SEMED Economics Approved

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