Ineligible entities

Firm Name Address Nationality Ineligible From Ineligible Until Notice Effective At EBRD Originating Institution Prohibited Practice
GE Power Systems GmbH Boveristrasse 22, Mannheim Germany Germany
22 Mar 2019
21 Jul 2025
03 Jun 2019
African Development Bank Corrupt Practice, Fraudulent Practice
Gabriel Cruz Cervantes

Francisco I. Madero 95
Colonia Los Angeles Totolcingo
Estado de Mexico (55885)

07 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2023
18 Nov 2016
Inter-American Development Bank Group Collusive Practice, Fraudulent Practice
Gabriel Jean-Charles

Delmas 33, Impasse Cala #6, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

22 Jun 2011
22 Jun 2021
29 May 2012
Inter-American Development Bank Group Corrupt Practice
Gansu Lugang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Room 1105, Floor 11, Ximai Mansion, 12 Yannan Road, High-Tech Zone, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China China
28 Jan 2021
World Bank Group Fraudulent Practice
Garry Jean Thomassin 32, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Haiti
12 Nov 2019
11 Nov 2034
27 Dec 2019
Inter-American Development Bank Group Fraudulent Practice
Gavinor S.R.L.

Olavarría 16
4400 Salta

22 Oct 2019
World Bank Group Fraudulent Practice
Gemiqaya Sirketi MMC

N. Tusi Kucesi No. 5, Nakchivan AZ7000, Azerbaijan

18 May 2020
Asian Development Bank Collusive Practice, Fraudulent Practice
General Electric Power Sweden AB

Slottsgatan 69
SE-602 22

27 Nov 2019
26 Nov 2025
27 Nov 2019
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Corrupt Practice
Geometrica Construcoes Ltda (Geometrica)

Rua Do Passeio, 953, Sala 209, Centro, Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil

18 Nov 2016
World Bank Group Collusive Practice, Fraudulent Practice
George C. Benson

16520 South Tamiami Trail, suite 18
Fort Myers, FL33908
United State of America

20 Sep 2016
19 Sep 2027
31 May 2017
Inter-American Development Bank Group Fraudulent Practice

End date of notices

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