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EBRD and EU support energy and water efficiency in the Kyrgyz Republic
KYRSEFF 2 launch

KyrSEFF II to boost resource efficiency for businesses and residential sector

COP22, the EBRD and Climate Change
The ebrd and climate change

Turning the Paris vision into reality

EBRD hails new era as Paris climate accord comes into force
EBRD hails new era as Paris climate accord comes into force

Bank will support delivery of global climate goals at Marrakesh COP22 conference

EBRD finances wind power plant in Jordan
EBRD finances wind power plant in Jordan

US$ 70 million to Green Watts Renewable Energy for the construction of Al Rajef wind power plant

The Sustainable Infrastructure Financing Imperative: the Role of the MDBs

Three core challenges arising from the Stern Review: scale, reach and urgency

UNWTO and EBRD strengthen sustainable tourism in the SEMED region

The tourism sector in SEMED has potential to become a major player in the economy

New EBRD financing for Turkish renewable energy via Isbank

US$55 million to Turkey’s largest private lender

EBRD launches €200 million residential energy efficiency financing facility in Poland

TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund joins effort to modernise and improve building stock

Green Climate Fund allocates US$ 378 million to EBRD green projects

In support of green investments in industrial and residential sectors

COP22: from Paris to Marrakesh

Moving forward with climate change action in Morocco this November