The EBRD and Internationalism
the EBRD and Internationalism- speech at the Serbian National Parliament

Speech delivered by Sir Suma Chakrabarti, EBRD President before the National Parliament of Serbia

Milk matters: Opening new markets for Ukrainian dairy producers
Milk Matters: Opening New Markets for Ukrainian Dairy Producers

EBRD-backed tour to Taipei helps explore local and regional markets

Chernobyl: Investing in Solar Power

Ukrainian ecology minister, Ostap Semerak, discusses options to convert the area

Chernobyl’s New Safe Confinement on track for completion

The EBRD manages the financing of the project and is the largest single donor to it

Changing Lives: promoting female entrepreneurship in Kosovo
EBRD backs women entrepreneurs in Kosovo

Peja’s Restaurant Oda received support from EBRD's Women in Business programme

Thomas Maier on the AIIB Annual Meeting

Signing of our first joint project with the AIIB

Responding to the refugee crisis
Refugee camp in Jordan

The EBRD is bolstering economic resilience in Jordan and Turkey to help them cope with the refugee crisis

How the EBRD supports refugee-hosting communities
Jonathan Charles, EBRD’s Managing Director

The EBRD is helping to boost Jordan’s and Turkey’s economic resilience and cope with the influx of millions of Syrian refugees.

Building civil society in the Kyrgyz Republic

NGO Camp Alatoo provided residential energy efficiency training to builders in the country

The EBRD's Trade Facilitation Programme

Promoting trade across our regions of operations