Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
30 Jul 2002
27720 Romania MOBIFON CORPORATE LOAN FACILITY Information and Communication Technologies Private Complete
25 Jul 2002
27908 Russia CHELYABINSK ELECTROLYTIC ZINC SMELTER Manufacturing and Services Private Complete
18 Jul 2002
28092 Albania ALBANIA: ROAD REHABILITATION PROJECT II Transport Public Complete
10 Jul 2002
15898 Russia OSTANKINO TOWER REPAIRS Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Complete
09 Jul 2002
27107 Kazakhstan KAZKOMMERTSBANK SYNDICATED LOAN Financial institutions Private Complete
04 Jul 2002
27171 Croatia CROATIA: MOTORWAY REHABILITATION PROJECT Transport Public Complete
28 Jun 2002
20218 Russia RUSSKIY STANDARD BANK TERM LOAN AND EQUITY-LINKED OPTION Non-depository Credit (non bank) Private Complete
28 Jun 2002
18221 Russia ST PETERSBURG FLOOD PROTECTION BARRIER Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Repaying
21 Jun 2002
27949 FYR Macedonia ESM PRE-PRIVATISATION SHARE PURCHASE Power and energy Private Complete
20 Jun 2002
24838 Slovak Republic VALUE GROWTH FUND Equity funds Private Complete