Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
12 Jun 2000
7004 Regional Heitman Central Europe Property Partners Fund Property and tourism Private Completed
05 Jun 2000
10248 Regional Regional/Private Equity Fund Co-Investment Facility Equity funds Private Approved
31 May 2000
6603 Russia LUKOIL MEDIUM TERM WORKING CAPITAL FACILITY Natural resources Private Completed
30 May 2000
9345 Poland Globe Trade Centre S.A. Property and tourism Private Completed
26 May 2000
9925 Regional US/EBRD SME Financing Facility FRW Financial institutions Private Complete
26 May 2000
9515 Azerbaijan Nations Azerbaijan Natural resources Private Completed
26 May 2000
16608 Romania Municipal Environmental Loan Facility (MELF) Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Approved
26 May 2000
10692 Moldova ProCredit Bank Moldova Non-depository Credit (non bank) Private Completed
26 May 2000
10573 Lithuania Lietuvos Telekomas IPO Information and Communication Technologies Private Completed
15 May 2000
11277 Kazakhstan Citibank Kazakhstan Subordinated Credit Facility Financial institutions Private Completed