Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
05 Oct 2018
50026 Kazakhstan KAZREF - Zheruyik Wind Power Plant Power and energy Private Concept Reviewed
03 Oct 2018
49559 Bulgaria GrCF: Sofia Electric Buses Acquisition Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Signed
02 Oct 2018
49517 Greece Terna Energy Rachoula Wind Farms Energy Private Repaying
01 Oct 2018
49253 Bosnia and Herzegovina Toplana Zenica d.o.o. Manufacturing and Services Private Disbursing
01 Oct 2018
49511 Mongolia Ulaanbaatar District Heating Project Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Signed
01 Oct 2018
50495 Kazakhstan Beineu-Shymkent Modernisation Natural resources Private Concept Reviewed
27 Sep 2018
50119 West Bank and Gaza Youth employment impact bond Manufacturing and Services Private Signed
26 Sep 2018
49503 Regional Evolving Europe Principal Investments I Equity funds Private Signed
25 Sep 2018
49642 Georgia Kheledula HPP Energy Private Passed Final Review, Pending Approval
25 Sep 2018
50458 Kosovo Mitrovica wastewater development project Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Concept Reviewed