Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
28 Apr 2006
36817 Regional ETC Non-Bank MFI Framework II Non-depository Credit (non bank) Private Completed
27 Apr 2006
36998 Russia Wienerberger Russia I Manufacturing and Services Private Completed
19 Apr 2006
36491 Georgia Kutaisi Water Project Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Repaying
13 Apr 2006
36384 Kazakhstan Bautino Atash Marine and Supply Base Project (DEBT) Natural resources Private Disbursing
13 Apr 2006
36821 Regional MSME Financing Framework for Western Balkans & Croatia Financial institutions Private Complete
13 Apr 2006
36325 Ukraine Raiffeisenbank AVAL SME II Loan Facility Financial institutions Private Completed
13 Apr 2006
36609 Ukraine Black Sea Shipping Management Co. Ltd Transport Private Complete
12 Apr 2006
36424 Russia Bank Kedr - Equity Investment Financial institutions Private Completed
12 Apr 2006
36872 Regional GED Eastern Fund II Equity funds Private Repaying
10 Apr 2006
36468 FYR Macedonia Teteks Kreditna/Tetovska Banka Equity Investment Financial institutions Private Completed