Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
07 Jun 2013
44442 Egypt National Bank of Egypt SME Credit Line Financial institutions Private Complete
07 Jun 2013
44439 Egypt Regional TFP: National Bank Of Egypt Financial institutions Private Disbursing
07 Jun 2013
45081 Turkey Energaz Financing Power and energy Private Complete
06 Jun 2013
43966 Regional Earlybird Digital East Fund Equity funds Private Signed
03 Jun 2013
45057 Regional European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) III Non-depository Credit (non bank) Private Disbursing
31 May 2013
45349 Russia SME Guarantee Framework Financial institutions Private Cancelled
30 May 2013
44637 Romania R2CF Botosani sub-project Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Repaying
28 May 2013
44767 Russia Maykor Information and Communication Technologies Private Disbursing
24 May 2013
44969 Slovenia Spar Retail and Logistics Sustainability Agribusiness Private Complete
23 May 2013
44681 Croatia Zagrebacka banka SME Credit line Financial institutions Private Complete