Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
08 Oct 2015
47385 Montenegro Voli Capital Increase Agribusiness Private Disbursing
07 Oct 2015
47388 Jordan Ayla Oasis Regeneration Project Aqaba Property and tourism Private Repaying
06 Oct 2015
45742 Armenia Yerevan Metro Rehabilitation Project Phase III Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Passed Final Review, Pending Board Approval
06 Oct 2015
46912 Jordan Foursan Capital Partners II Equity funds Private Complete
06 Oct 2015
47398 Tajikistan Nurek Water and Wastewater Project Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Signed
01 Oct 2015
47272 Turkey Vestel White Goods R&D Manufacturing and Services Private Repaying
30 Sep 2015
47449 Cyprus Hellenic Bank – Equity Investment Financial institutions Private Disbursing
30 Sep 2015
47532 Regional Don Don Debt Agribusiness Private Complete
25 Sep 2015
47917 Poland PKP Energetyka S.A Privatization Transport Private Cancelled
24 Sep 2015
47163 Bulgaria Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund Non-depository Credit (non bank) Public Disbursing