Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
17 Aug 2016
48638 Kazakhstan Louis Dreyfus Company Cotton Kazakhstan Agribusiness Private Disbursing
17 Aug 2016
48637 Egypt Louis Dreyfus Company Grain Egypt Agribusiness Private Signed
17 Aug 2016
48420 Turkey TFI TAB Gida Yatirimlari Property and tourism Private Disbursing
17 Aug 2016
48636 Regional Louis Dreyfus Company Regional Trade Finance Agribusiness Private Disbursing
16 Aug 2016
48534 Bulgaria FIF - Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria Loan Leasing Finance Private Repaying
15 Aug 2016
47948 Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek District Heating Network Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Signed
12 Aug 2016
48535 Turkey Bursa Hospital PPP Municipal and environmental infrastructure Private Disbursing
08 Aug 2016
48467 Greece National Bank of Greece SME CLO Financial institutions Private Complete
05 Aug 2016
48154 Turkey Sisecam Glass Recycling and Energy Efficiency Manufacturing and Services Private Disbursing
05 Aug 2016
48321 Romania Posta Romana Operational Restructuring Transport Public Passed Concept Review, Pending Final Review