Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
29 Dec 2017
48161 Kazakhstan KazPetrol APG Utilisation Loan Natural resources Private Passed Structure Review, Pending Final Review
28 Dec 2017
49765 Turkey Privatisation of Menzelet and Kilavuzlu HPPs Power and energy Private Disbursing
27 Dec 2017
49587 Bulgaria FIF - ProCredit Bank Bulgaria Financial institutions Private Board Approved
21 Dec 2017
48576 Mongolia Desert Solar Power Project Power and energy Private Passed Final Review, Pending Board Approval
20 Dec 2017
48569 Turkey TurSEFF III - Isbank Financial institutions Private Signed
20 Dec 2017
49764 Turkey Zorlu Osmangazi bond Power and energy Private Signed
20 Dec 2017
49366 Bulgaria GrCF- Varna Climate Resilience Infra Project Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Board Approved
19 Dec 2017
45690 Regional Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project Natural resources Private Board Approved
19 Dec 2017
49349 Regional Innova/6 Equity funds Private Board Approved
13 Dec 2017
49742 Turkey Tiryaki Agro Trading (Term Facility) Agribusiness Private Signed